*What products can I order through this website?

By registering for this website, you are automatically opted in to receive free monthly samples of Align®, Metamucil®, Prilosec OTC® (subject to samples availability).

Can I change the frequency with which I receive samples?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the frequency. All samples will be delivered on a monthly basis (subject to samples availability), and you will need to renew your order every twelve months. This means you will receive 12 shipments before you need to renew your order. You can change other aspects of your order, however, by updating your account.

Do I have to reorder samples every month in order to receive uninterrupted service?

Your account is set to auto-replenish monthly, which means you will receive the same sample order every month for twelve months (subject to samples availability). Then you will need to renew your order once that twelve months is up in order to receive samples for the next twelve months.

Can I request more samples per month?

No, we cannot offer additional samples per month.

What if I want to change the product samples I receive; for example, if I want to add a product to my sample order?

You can change your monthly order at any time. By default, once you have successfully created your account you will be signed up to receive samples of all products that are available in your geographic region. If you do not wish to receive samples of a particular product, simply cancel the current order and create a new order for the desired products.

If you create a new order, it will reset your auto-replenish cycle, which means you will receive your updated sample order every month for twelve months. Then, at the end of that twelve months, you will need to renew your order to receive samples for the next twelve months.

Why can I only edit some information associated with my account?

Currently, the following information is linked to your DEA # or NPI # through this sampling program: Registered Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, and Zip Code. You can update your DEA #, NPI #, or Medical License # at any time, however, and these fields will automatically update to match your new account information. If the address details are changed from the details matching the DEA # or NPI # then program representatives will review the account for approval to ensure the address for a practice office or practice mailing address.

I can't find my specialty in the healthcare professional dropdown menu on the registration page. Can I still order free samples?

We are making these free samples available to certain types of healthcare professionals. If your specialty is not in the dropdown menu, please contact us so we can consider your request.

I don't have a DEA #, NPI #, or ME #. Can I still order free samples?

No. The professional sampling program is only available to physicians, NPs, PAs, and pharmacists with a valid DEA #, a valid NPI #, or a valid ME #.

Where can I find more information on each product?

You can find more helpful information and resources for healthcare professionals for Align®, Metamucil®, and Prilosec OTC® by visiting their websites.

What can I do if I don't want to continue receiving free samples?

If you would like to discontinue any part of your sample order, simply update your account and cancel the program. However, you can request free samples again at any point by simply logging in and selecting the samples you'd like to order.

I already have a previous account but cannot login. What should I do?

PGHealthSamples.com moved to a new website platform on 4/21/2017. Any account created before this date will need to be re-registered. If you are continuing to experience difficulty after re-registering your account, you may contact our customer service line.